About us

Welcome to Xinetix steadicam rental

Xinetix Steadicam Rental is an ultra modern steadicam rental house.Our equipment is constantly being maintained and improved and therefore we can easily adapt to new technical innovations or even advancing them.

We work closely with all of the best known camera-rental houses.
Having worked for many years with many different DoPs and under sometimes very difficult and extreme conditions, we have gained a lot of experience. Accordingly, the range of our equipment is growing and undergoing a constant change for the better. A Xinetix Rig is as safe, and with its modular design, as easy to handle as a modern film camera.

All Xinetix Steadicam modules are identical. They are compatible with all digital and analog film cameras and therefore interchangeable. Our in-house technicans do the maintenence of the "Pro-System" and therefore we have a well-stocked and immediatly available spares store.

Because of our extensive special equipment we can accommodate special demands.