Anton Bauer Dionic 160

Lithium Ion Battery with 160 Wh
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Dionic 160 contains an exclusive cell configuration unlike any other video battery. Instead of using cells originally designed for lighter duty applications, such as computers, this battery is constructed with specialized lithium ion cells originally designed for high rate military applications. Because of these low resistance cells, Dionic 160 can be used to power lighting loads and other accessories with a total output of up to 10 amps - a capability usually reserved only for nickel based chemistries.
Dionic 160 weighs 30% less than a HyTRON 140, has 15% more capacity, and will run a typical camcorder for
over 6 hours.

Digital DIONIC 160 Li-ion-Battery, 14,4 V 160 Wh.
3.75”x 4” x 5 1/4”, 3.4 lb

Dionic batteries can be used with PowerCharger and T series chargers only.