RT-Motion Thumbwheel

Thumbwheel Focus useful accessory for the RT-Motion MK3.1

Slave Controller Thumbwheel for the RT-Motion MK 3.1


you need the following parts for using the Thumbweel:


·  World's smallest Lens Control Receiver- 100x32x23mm (inc. antenna cap), 118g.

·  3 motor axis as standard.

·  Auxiliary port for 2x Analogue inputs , Trigger and Serial communication.

·  Intelligent camera triggering circuitry: Run-stop support for Arri, Alexa, Red EPIC, Red One, Sony F55, LANC 



·  Fast, Accurate, Quiet, Powerful and Smooth.

·  Worlds first brushless vector drive smart motor - Faster response, Smoother, Quieter, No cogging, No sparking and with 4x the service life of brushed motors.

·  Ultra strong, thin and flexible cables allow for reduced weight, less strain, and easier routing.

·  Support for 15mm/19mm rods.

·  Compensation algorithm for perfect accuracy.

·  Drive gear can be mounted on either side.

·  Lightweight and compact- 115x40x26mm, 212g.