Xinetix HD-Steadicam Focus Video Package

the GPI PRO system HD-camera stabilizer with Lens Control System and Video Transmitter

GPI PRO Arm load capacity ranges from 6kg - 32,6kg (or Tiffen G-70)


Transvideo 6“ High Definition Monitor, with Levelsensor and Frame Line Generator

GPI PRO HD-Sled with retrofit mount for quick change of modules

GPI PRO Donkey Box (side to side) (or Betz Top Stage)

GPI PRO Battery Module for up to 3 Anton Bauer Batteries

9 Anton Bauer LiIon Batteries with 90Wh and Anton Bauer Battery Charger

Xinetix Cable Set Power Cables for Film, Video & HD cameras (ARRI, RED, Sony, etc.)

Power Cables for the most Lens Control Systems and Video Transmitters

Preston Digital 2-Channel Wireless Lens Control System with Cam remote on/off
incl. Power and Remote cables for ARRI, Aaton, Moviecam, Panavision, Broadcast camcorder & Fujinon Lens
12 focus scale rings, 3 batteries, charger, rain cover for hand unit

Xinetix HD X-Man Videotransmittingsystem 1x Teradek Bolt Tx 2x Teradek Bolt Rx, Marshall 5.6“ Monitor and 3 Batteries and Charger

Baer-Bel Cat-Griller for the quick change from Steadicam to Tripod

Hardmount for Dolly and Tube (48mm Mannesmann) Elemack pin or Mitchell Base