electrical all terrain vehicle
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  • Foto kommt bald

Whether on footpaths, in underground car parks or tracking car stunts, negotiating a quarry or 
a fight of stairs, the CCP CAT_V does it all.
These features bring the CCP CAT_V face to face with the action. Used in combination with a 
Steadicam, the camera can be kept horizontally level even on the roughest terrain enabling 
consistently smooth moving shots.
The CCP frame converts this 4x4 into a real camera car: cameras can be positioned freely, 
and camera additions and adjustments are quickly and easily made.


 Length:    2080 mm 
 Width:      1150 mm 
 Height:     1320 mm
 Weight:    270 kg 
 Engine Power:    27 kW 
 Maximum Speed:    80 km/h
 Area Pressure:    67,5 kg/qm